Welcome To Eburru Rafiki

We are a small, community-based organisation playing an active role in the rejuvenation of the Eburru Forest State Reserve and the biodiversity within it.


Who We Are

Eburru Rafiki is a small but purposeful Community Based Organisation (CBO) that has a special place in the rejuvenation of the Eburru Forest State Reserve.

Established in 2016, we are dedicated to conserving this beautiful pocket of indigenous highland forest. We work tirelessly to PLANT TREES in degraded sections of the forest, PROTECT its wildlife, IMPROVE LIVELIHOODS of forest edge communities and promote the forest as a wilderness attraction to be visited and celebrated by all.

Eburru Forest was originally part of the Mau Eburru Forest. It covers the slopes of Mount Eburu, a geologically active volcanic massif which towers above Lake Naivasha in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, its highest peak rising 2,855m above sea level.

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Our Projects

Forest Restoration/Conversation

Indigenous tree planting, on farm forestry, seedling nurseries.

Community Building

Training community guides for tourism, generating income.

Wildlife Conservation

Regular community patrol scouts and de-snaring.


Trails, maps, campsites, and signposts.

Water Conservation

Conservation of a key water tower.

Support Our Cause

We are a small organisation which relies entirely on the generous support of donors to carry out our conservation and community work.

Visit Eburru

Eburru Forest is open every day of the year and welcomes all visitors to come and enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife. Walking, birdwatching, butterfly watching, camping, and picnics are encouraged.


Visitors are urged to hire one of our recommended local guides who are familiar with the terrain. All activities in Eburru are done so at the visitors’ own risk. Please be aware that there are buffalo in the forest, so hikers should be accompanied by an armed Kenya Forestry Service guide available from the main gate.


Please see the Rhino Ark map below for hiking trails. Pathways currently open include: Eastern Summit Trail (1) and Western Summit Trail (2), along with the Glades Camping.


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