Visit Eburru

Eburru Forest is open every day of the year and welcomes all visitors. It is an ideal place to enjoy walking in nature, picnics and birdwatching. Camping is also permitted in the forest, but please note that it is a ‘wild’ camping experience with no facilities. You will need to bring your own water and ensure you take all rubbish away with you.


PLEASE NOTE: Walking in the forest is entirely at your own risk. We strongly advise taking an armed KFS ranger with you on your hike as there are buffalo throughout the forest. KFS rangers are available from the main gate. Always stick to the hiking trails.


Visitors are also urged to hire one of our recommended local guides who are familiar with the terrain. All activities in Eburru are done so at the visitors’ own risk.


Please see the Rhino Ark map below for hiking trails. Pathways currently open include: Eastern Summit Trail (1) and Western Summit Trail (2), along with the Glades Camping.


A Guidebook to Eburru is available to buy from Rhino Ark with further details on how to visit costing 2,000 Kenyan Shillings . For copies, please email or visit the Great Rift Valley Resort shop.

Eburru Forest Community Guides:


Eburru Rafiki recommends several knowledgeable guides whom we have appointed from the local community. Each guide can lead you on various hikes to explore the forest, depending on how far you’d like to walk and the type of terrain you want to cover.


Please book guides directly and arrange your own meeting point.


Guide fee is a minimum of Ksh 2,500/- payable directly to guides on the day, but may be more depending on how many hours/kilometers you walk. Armed KFS Rangers are also available to accompany hikers from the gate at Ksh 1,500/-.

Amos Loree +254 700 417 468 / 750 242 137

We have recently welcomed Amos from Naivasha to our recommended forest guides. Amos is a bronze-certified guide through the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA) and is passionate about nature, wildlife, and bird watching.

Douglas Chege + 254 (0) 728 319 143

Chege lives in Eburru settlement with his family. Having grown up on the edge of the forest, he is knowledgeable about its myriad of flora and fauna and is enthusiastic about sharing this with visitors who come to explore Eburru.

Hassan Abdiaziz + 254 (0) 718 496 616

Hassan is a Bronze Level guide from Ndabibi, an area to the south of Eburru Forest. Fluent in both English and Swahili, he loves bird watching and has a keen eye for spotting many different species as he walks through the forest .

James Kiruy + 254 (0) 727 810 626

James is experienced in local guiding, leading nature and birding walks and sharing his passion for the local plants and wildlife. He lives to the north-west of Eburru Forest in the Kiambogo area and speaks both English and Swahili.

Entrance Fees

Eburru Forest fees are set by the Kenyan Wildlife Service and are payable in the office at the main gate.




Non Residents


Adults – Ksh 240

Child – Ksh 60

Adult – Ksh 470

Child – 120

Adult – 700

Child – 180

Adult – 760

Child – 180